NOVEMBER 2012 BACK ISSUE I first arrived in Moscow during the mildest of winters, 2012. It was after my first or second visit to the Moscow Metro that I decided it would be the place I would document for my personal project. There is an unbelievable pace there.  About 7 million people pass through the Moscow Metro’s doors every day and during rush hour you can pass by thousands of people in about fifteen minutes.  Although it's a very dynamic place, there is also, at times, a look of gloominess on the faces of the people wending their way through the stations; perhaps the result of the hardship of everyday life. As I observed, I was amazed by the beauty of the stations.  Sometimes, the people jostling though reminded me of classic images; traditional dress and solemn expressions.  At other times I watched young people chatting animatedly, carrying bags from their favourite branded fashion boutiques. The diversity and the contrast between the many different people travelling on the Moscow Metro is something that is very difficult to find anywhere else in this city. by Tomer Ifrah  Passengers before getting out of the train. Waiting at the station. Trains at a station. A man on the escalator on his way out of the Metro. A woman waiting for the train at Kuznetsky station. Evening rush hour at Kievskaya circle line. Passing through a tunnel connecting the circle line. Passengers at Biblioteka Imeni Lenina station Outside Kuznetsky Most station. A coordinator at Komsomolskaya station.
A couple at Kuznetsky most station. A young woman waiting for the train. A girl at Maykovskaya station. A veteran at Park kultury station. Back to current issue