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November 2016 issue
Cuba: A Grace of Spirit
by Peter Turnley
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I have a deep love for the people of Cuba. Throughout a lifetime of world travel, rarely have I been to a place where I’ve witnessed so much grace, spirit, dignity, and wonderful humanity. I have traveled regularly to Cuba since 1989. During recent years, I have made dozens of trips to Cuba. Photography has for me always been first and foremost about sharing moments of life that I choose to frame that represent feelings, perceptions, and observations about the world around me. The verb to share is one of the most beautiful words in the human vocabulary. Implicit in the act of sharing is a notion of love. Whether we are sharing a discussion and dialogue about moments we admire or moments we dislike, the desire to enter into this visual conversation is rooted in a passion for life and all of its potential. I approach life with the feeling that, somehow, everyone I encounter, anywhere and
everywhere, is in one way or another part of my family, the family of humanity. I was born in the United States but have spent more than half of my life living in Paris and have traveled worldwide to over ninety countries, with the interest of documenting the world of my time in all of its variety. Each time I have visited Cuba, the heartfelt expression of life I witness everywhere reminds me of what a beautiful family of men and women we are all a part of. For more than three decades I’ve strived to be present worldwide in places where history is being made. This is without a doubt a very important moment in the history of the life of Cuba. My strongest hope is that change and the evolving history of this unique and amazing island and country will be as kind to the people of Cuba as they have always been to me. The people of Cuba have taught and demonstrated to me so many beautiful lessons of how life can be lived well. This book is a visual tribute with love to the grace of spirit of the people of Cuba. Thank you, and Viva Cuba!
Bacuranao, Playas del este, 2013.
Ferry to Regla, Havana, 2015.
Guanabo Beach, 2015.
Malecon, Havana, 2012.
Centro Havana, 2012.
“Salon rosado de la tropical-Benny Moré.” Havana, 2015.
Malecon, Havana, 2013.
In front of the Capitolio, Havana, 2015.
Centro Havana, 2006.
Malecon, Havana, 2013.
Centro Havana, 2015.
Prado, Havana, 2013.
Havana Vieja, 2015.
Iglesia Merced, Havana, 2015.
Prodanza Ballet Academy, Havana, 2014.
Centro Havana, 2012.
Centro Havana, 2015.
Regla, Havana, 2015.
Regla, Havana, 2015.
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