The magazine of the photo-essay
November 2016 issue
Up Close
by Tom Parsons
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This set of nature and macro shots belong to an ongoing project to document the natural world I stumble across. I use this project as an excuse to reconnect to what is essentially an important aspect of my life and that is nature.  We all need time out to remove ourselves from our hectic lifestyles to reflect, unwind and clear our minds from the day to day clutter. For me, taking these images is a perfect way of doing this. I enjoy the beauty of nature and macro work, it allows me to get up close and see what is really going on. When a bee is collecting pollen, when a spider is wrapping its prey into a cocoon or simply sit still and watch a grasshopper watching you. These are all moments which are all too often taken for granted.
Cow Parsley Seed Head.
Bumble Bee Gathering Pollen on an Artichoke Flower.
Hazel Nut in Early Morning Frost.
Rhubarb in Early Morning Frost.
Early Evening Woodland Fungi.
Bee Gathering Pollen on a Sunflower.
End of Summer Gathering on a Blackberry.
Early Evening Woodland Fungi.
Fly on a Blackberry.
Araneus Diadematus. Taken in Ashridge Forest. Early Morning.
Fungi at Dusk.
Unknown Spanish Seed Head.
Wild Carrot Flower.
Shaggy Parasols.
Fly on a flower.
Cow Parsley Flower Head Prior to Unfolding.
Early Evening Woodland Fungi.
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