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November 2016 issue
photographs from Valerie Kleeman’s collection
Inside Whicker’s World: The Life & Travels of Alan Whicker
A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous! Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film & documentary maker
Alan Whicker (1921 - 2013) was a British journalist, television presenter and broadcaster. His career spanned almost 60 years, during which time he presented the documentary television programme Whicker's World for over 30 years. Whicker’s World Foundation - Film and TV Funding Award Each year £80,000 will be awarded to a new director with the most promising pitch for an authored documentary which fulfils the core criteria of the foundation and can be completed for screening with this award. The money will be paid in instalments to the director’s film company, enabling a project which deserves to be realised, to reach as wide an audience as possible.  Applications for the 2017 Funding Award close 31st January 2017. For further details on the other awards and entry forms please go to www.whickersworldfoundation.com The following photographs are from the BFI National Archive, donated by Valerie Kleeman (Alan’s partner of more than 40 years), Whicker’s World Foundation.
Filming in the canteen of Yorkshire Television, c. 1967/8.
Girl Gets Temptations – But I Wanted to Give Myself to God (1972).
On location in Sicily on the first day of shooting Whicker’s War (2003).
Alan Whicker with Papa Doc.
Alan Whicker interviewing Cassius Clay.
Alan with camera.
Alan Whicker with Cassius Clay.
Alan filming Death in the Morning a documentary on fox hunting filmed in Leicestershire, 1964.
Alan filming The Solitary Billionaire with the richest man in the world, John Paul Getty at his home in Sutton Place, near Guilford in Surrey.
Alan Whicker interviewing Elizabeth Jane Howard and her husband, Kingsley Amis, at their Maida Vale apartment during the filing of Whicker’s World The Stresses of Divorce (1966).
Alan skimming stones.
Alan during the war.
Alan on the beach.
Alan filming Whicker's World in Hong Kong in 1990.
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