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November 2016 issue
Fleeing Death
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by Szymon Barylski
The refugee camp in Idomeni on the Greek-Macedonian border, is a temporary shelter to thousands of men, women and children, mainly Syrians, who have fled war, death and starvation at home.  It is occupied by people from all different walks of life. They continue their journey through Macedonia to the North and through Western of Europe. Not everyone manages to pass the verification of documents, which leads to the separation of families. The refugees live in difficult conditions and sleep in overcrowded and soaked tents. They are frozen and have limited access to sanitation. They are exhausted and uncertain about their situation and their futures.
Refugees in the queue for the checkpoint at Idomeni on the Greek-Macedonian border.
View of the temporary camp.
In the evening, temperatures are below zero.
Refugees in the queue for the checkpoint at Idomeni.
Frightened children are crushed in the queue.
Families with small babies, waiting for their turn.
Refugees in the queue for checkpoint.
Frightened children are crushed in the queue.
Scene at Idomeni.
Young men look intently at the Macedonian police, to see if they might open the border.
Some people choose to wear masks because of the unhygienic conditions in the camp.
Cold and tired they sleep outside.
Mother looking after of her child, who is forced to sleep outside in the cold.
A boy eating hot soup which he was given by a volunteer.
Syrian girl holding her younger sibling.
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