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November 2016 issue
by Chris Hunt
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Beeton Grove
Forty years ago, in the mid-1970s, I embarked on a project to document the lives of my neighbours who lived in a small street of terraced houses close to the centre of Manchester in North West England. Beeton Grove is a typical working class community, of the kind characterised on television by the long-running soap Coronation Street. I lived in there for a couple of years and got to know a few of my neighbours, which made me curious about the others; what made their lives tick, what kind of jobs, families and thoughts did they have. So I knocked on everyone's door and asked if I could interview and photograph them. Fortunately, only four declined, so I set about my task armed with a tape recorder and a Leica camera. The original book had been forgotten about until last year when I decided to seek a publisher, and after a successful Kickstarter campaign Bluecoat Press issued the book in 2016.
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Washing day at No. 9.
Beatrice Kielty with three of her eleven children, No 5.
Beeton grove kids.
Back yard, No. 9.
Tommy Murphy, No. 8.
Bobbie Cunningham, No.9.
Darren Cunningham, No. 9.
Carmel Killeen, No. 13.
Terence Doherty, No. 12.
Josephine and Michael Gulfoyle, No. 10.
Lounge, No. 11.
Marie Smith, with her mum and lodger, No. 3.
Michael Noone, No. 11.
Mrs Keegan's shop.
Lounge, No. 19.
Marie Burke, No. 1.
Patrick Burke, No. 1.
Students House, No. 18.
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