The magazine of the photo-essay
November 2016 issue
Reminiscence: moments in the Holy Land
by Pavel Wolberg
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After a suicide bombing, Natanya, Northen Israel 2005.
Evacuation from Kfar Darom settlement, Gaza strip 2005.
Gaza border, 2007.
Gaza border, 2008.
Gaza border, Operation Cast Lead (otherwise known as the Gaza War), 2009.
Gaza Strip, 2004.
Hebron, West Bank 2002.
Hebron, West Bank 2002.
Israeli family takes cover from rockets fired from the Gaza Strip. Ashdod, 2012.
Israeli soldiers keep guard as settlers wander around the market in the West Bank city of Hebron.
Yitzhar settlement near Nblus, West Bank 2004. Under international law, these Israeli settlements in the West Bank are considered to be illegal.
Jeni, West Bank, 2002.
Jenin, West Bank, 2003.
Jerusalem old city, 2000.
Kiryat Shmona, Lebanese border, 2006.
Zaura, Lebanese border during 2nd Lebanon war, 2006.
Funeral. Nilin, West Bank, 2008.
Rachel Tomb enclave, West Bank, 2014.
West Bank town of Nilin, 2009.
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