The magazine of the photo-essay
Nov 2017 back issue
by Jonathan Moller
“A free, really high quality photo-essay magazine.  Fabulous!” Stephen Fry. British actor, writer and film maker
Havana, 1993.
A boy with a tee shirt that says “Let’s save Elian” (“Salvemos a Elián”). Havana, 2000.
Playa Jibacoa, Santa Cruz del Norte, Mayabeque, 2013
The catcher for the 10th de Octubre municipal team, during a game against the Old Havana team, part of the Havana Provincial competition. Santiago “Changa” Mederos baseball stadium, Cuidad Deportiva, Havana, 2015.
A cult in the Pentecostal Evangelical church “Templo Evanecer”. Guanabacoa, Havana, 2015.
Havana, 2015.
“Unidad Básica n. 6 Conrado Benítez” shoe factory. La Habana, 2015  
This project, with its focus on the diversity and dignity of young Cubans, was born out of multiple trips to Cuba over twenty-five years, developing relationships and observing the slow but ever increasing changes and openings that have unfolded, particularly during the last ten years, and especially visible among the latest generations. When using the term “diversity” and referring to its growth and expansion in Cuba, I am speaking not only of racial and cultural diversity, but also of diversity in terms of gender and identity, sexuality, spirituality, sustainability and inequalities and how young people express themselves through fashion, communication, community, work and life on the island. This book is a celebration of young Cubans today. Book goes to press, Spring 2018.
Ailyn is a single mother who lives with her two children, Ashly and Alex. Her mother, Marta, lives in space behind her. Havana, 2015.
The P16 bus between Boyeros and Plaza de la Revolución. Havana, 2015.
Andy Juan, fourteen years old and a student at the Academy of Music in Holguin, plays for the television program “Cuerda Viva” in the Casa de la Música of Holguin, part of the “Romerías de Mayo”. Holguin, 2016.
"Indio Hatuey" Experimental Station of Grasses and Forests. Central España Republicana, Perico Municipality, Matanzas, 2016.
The Cuban Days Against Homophobia and Transfobia. Matanzas, 2016.
Raúl González Sánchez Dental School. La Habana, 2016.
ISA, Superior Institute of Art, Habana, 2016.
“La Corea” neighborhood, San Miguel del Padrón, La Habana.
The well known journalist and television anchor Cristina Escobar, just about to go on air with her program (The World Today). Cuban Institute for Radio and Television, Havana 2017. 
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