Just as the captions to these photographs are brief, so too is this introduction. One consequence of studying literature rather than photography is an abiding mistrust of my own discourse. Another consequence is probably this series, born of a continuing love of language and metaphor. This work, of which this essay is an extract, was born out of a series of asides distracting me from whatever I was doing at the time. The series continues. Close to the Gare de Lyon. Paris, France. Cheap bar, Sanlitun. Beijing, China. Street corner. Beijing, China. Hachiko crossing, Shibuya, Tokyo. Tate Gallery, London, U.K. Hutong to be destroyed. Beijing, China. Stonetown, Zanzibar, Tanzania. Pipilotti Rist film 'Gravity be my friend' projection onto a square. Paris, France. Neon. Hong Kong, China. Shanghai. China. Advertising. Bangkok, Thailand. Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu, India. Liechtenstein. Party political slogan. Stonetown, Zanzibar, Tanzania. Switzerland, Geneva. Demonstrators sleeping on blockaded road before main Anti-G8 Summit demonstration passing through Geneva. Beggar's cup with slogan for change. Advertising hoarding. Mumbai, India. Cairo, Egypt. OCTOBER 2012 BACK ISSUE Back to current issue