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Oct 2015 back issue
Lloyd The Two Legged Dog
by Maxim Sarychau
No one knows how the red male dog named Lloyd lost two legs: one front and one rear. Lloyd was noticed injured on the city outskirts of Minsk (Belarus) and animal protectors were called.  During a difficult four-hour surgery, the remains of the broken legs and the tail were removed. I followed Lloyd for half a year after the accident and witnessed the things that happened to him: long-term therapy, fund-collecting for food and medical treatment.  He moved from home to home, faced the cruel reaction of society and received encouragement  and protection from animal volunteers. There are no government programs for taking care of rejected pets in Belarus.  In addition there are no animal population control programs. Volunteers are the only protection wounded pets have from being killed by municipal trappers.
During a difficult seven-hour surgery the remains of the broken legs and the tail were removed.
The volunteers measure the temperature of the dog before the injection of antibiotic. The first few days after surgery were the most difficult.  Lloyd rans a high temperature and his body ached.
On a walk. When Lloyd gets tired he waits to be carried.
During and after the surgery, Lloyd’s snout was bandaged just to be safe.  He endured injections bravely.
Olga on a walk with in at the suburbs of Minsk. The reaction of society to a disabled animal varies from offers of help to death threats.
Gaining strength with each passing day, the two-legged Lloyd is becoming more self-sufficient. Now he sets the tone for a walk and it’s not easy to keep up with him.
In the morning and in the evening before his walk, Olga disinfects Lloyd’s wounds with chlorhexidine and changes his dressings.
On x-ray it is possible to see corrupted joints and possible tumors.
The whip-round and search for new owners on the Internet continued.
Lloyd is showered after his walk.
While looking after Lloyd, Olga and Igor got so attached to him that they decided to keep him at home. Lloyd is their second dog and he quickly made friends with the Chinese Crested dog Marley.
Now Lloyd leads a full life, it’s just sometimes a little trickier for him to keep his balance.
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