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Oct 2015 back issue
by Fred Zafran
Old Miami Downtown
I am an observer of the ordinary, a photographer of small details as these arise and pass away (mostly) unnoticed each day.  As a photographer, my simple pleasure is to wander city streets and alleyways without plan or preconception – observing, listening, and remaining open to the unforeseen.  My work is a response to the unanticipated events of everyday life… often the quiet moments of solitude in the midst of the activity and frenzy of the street. In December 2013, I traveled to Miami during the week of Art Basel, not to attend the art fair, but simply to explore.  I found that I was drawn not to the environs of the art fair, but rather to the old downtown neighborhood of Miami, and I returned repeatedly to wander the streets with camera in hand. No photograph is the same as the reality it represents, and so the Old Miami Downtown portfolio is not a simple depiction of the neighborhood as observed. Not a documentary or a social commentary, the images are a photographic inquiry and narrative of what might lie “just below the surface” …a few insights into the faint and intangible presence of place.
Palacio Musical.
Afternoon Light.
Flagler Street.
Walking Home.
Corner Light.
Elevated 2.
Open 24hrs.
Corner Diner.
Boxer 1.
Boxer 2.
Night Upon Us,
Dream Transit.
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