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October 2019 back issue
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by Damian Bird
Farming Dartmoor British Hill-farmers 2018 - 2019
Farming Dartmoor
Damian Bird
Since moving to Devon in the South West of England, nearly ten years ago, the wild and unique landscapes of Dartmoor have captivated the imagination of photographer and photojournalist, Damian Bird. In 2018 he embarked on a project to discover how the rugged and sometimes trecherous Moors were maintained and preserved. Custodians of this delicate eco-system, six Dartmoor farmers, agreed to reveal their daily lives over a period of one year.  This new book, published by LIfe Force magazine Books, gives a unique glimpse into their work.
Hill Farmer, Tony. Scoriton, Dartmoor.
Tony and his daughter Laura bringing in the Harvest. Scoriton, Dartmoor.
A brass band plays for the visitors to the annual Scoriton Fair.
Sue driving her tractor in the farmyard. Scoriton, Dartmoor.
Tony stoking his kitchen Rayburn.
Anton breaking Dartmoor stone on his land near Princetown, Dartmoor.
Anton with ‘Mr Licky’. Princetown, Dartmoor.
Anton’s son John carrying an exhausted sheep. Princetown, Dartmoor.
Anton. Princetown, Dartmoor.
Princetown, Dartmoor. Custodians of the Moors.
Dartmoor. Stone bridge across the river.
Ken and his sheepdog making a coffee in his kitchen. Postbridge, Dartmoor.
Ken shearing. Postbridge, Dartmoor.
John and his grandson. Okehampton, Dartmoor.
John’s daughter Helen with her dog. Near Okehampton, Dartmoor.
Gun dog. Hexworthy, Dartmoor.
David in his tractor. Hexworthy, Dartmoor.
Feeding time. Roy. Sheepstor, Dartmoor.
Cattle. Near Sheepstor, Dartmoor.
Sheep and cattle farmer, Roy, treating his sheep. Sheepstor, Dartmoor.
Sheep roundup. Sheepstor, Dartmoor.
Roy rounding up cattle. Sheepstor, Dartmoor.
Roy. Sheepstor, Dartmoor.
Taking a break. Sheepstor, Dartmoor.
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