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Sept 2016 back issue
Living Diversity
all photographs by Lloyd Wolf
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Living Diversity: The Columbia Pike Documentary Project is a collection of work by a team of photographers that have captured the evolving life of the people and places that make up this historic corridor in Arlington, Virginia, immediately adjacent to Washington, DC, the nation’s capital. Columbia Pike is one of the most ethnically-diverse communities in the nation, and indeed, in the world. Over 130 languages are spoken in Arlington County, with the densest concentration along the Pike. Led by chief photographer Lloyd Wolf, in collaboration with Duy Tran, Xang Mimi Ho, Aleksandra Lagkueva, and Paula Endo, they have documented the essence of the place they call home. Older established ways of life are still in place along the Pike, flourishing alongside large numbers of new citizens from every corner of the planet. Unlike many parts of the world,
or even our own country, the stunningly diverse set of people who live here, old and new, and from every continent, do so in relative harmony. The work depicts historical, artistic, demographic, and cultural trends in this unique community, trends that are mirrored or in process in other areas of the nation. It visually presents an avenue for understanding the soul of this successful experiment in tolerance and diversity. It is a powerful visual exploration, a celebration, a gritty and thought provoking journey, and a series of quietly expressed questions. This is what peace looks like.
Mr. Achmed Osman, Sudanese immigrant.
Preparations for the Oruru Carnival, a Bolivian dance festival.
Bolivian dancer, Oruru Carnival.
Columbia Pike at night, view west. 2600 and 2700 blocks.
Many flags in winter, behind Harvey Hal Center, Arlington, Virginia.
African immigrant, 4700 block of Columbia Pike, Arlington, Virginia.
Columbia Pike Blues Festival.
Bob and Edith’s Diner, Christmas display.
Ms. Katie Drew at home, with ancestral portrait, daughter, and cats.
Mr. Clint Hanover.
Twilight, 2600 block of Columbia Pike, Arlington, Virginia.
Bolivian dancers, Taste of The Pike festival.
Woman, Prio Bangla Festival.
Young Bangladeshi dancer, Prio Bangla Festival.
Peruvian dancers.
Mr. William Alfaro, manager, Domenicks Shoe Repair.
Cheikh Hamala, Malian musician, at an Ethiopian Community Development Council celebration.
Francisco Mejia at Flux 09 art event.
Mekbib Gebertsadik - Ethiopian immigrant artist.
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