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Sept 2014 back issue
China At First Glance
by Lorenzo Masi
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From the dynamic capital Beijing to one of the world's biggest cities, Shanghai; from the culturally relevant Shanxi province to the mainly agricultural Guangxi province, China is in continuous evolution, a strange and an unexpected mix of ancient and modern culture. With a rising middle class and an enormous number of low income no-rights workers, China represents the last challenge to the belief that capitalism is a source of rights and democracy.
CHINA. Beijing. New construction buildings in the outskirts of the city. With the steady increase of the urban population Chinese cities have a large number of new flats under construction.
CHINA. Beijing. People on a subway train.
CHINA. Beijing. Chinese tourists inside the Forbidden City.
CHINA. Beijing. People prepare for swim in Sichahai lakes.
CHINA. Beijing. People dance in Beihai Park. Chinese people gather in parks and public spaces to enjoy mutliple activities such playing cards, dancing, exercising, tai-chi practicing.
CHINA. Beijing. A vegetable seller washes her hair.
CHINA. Xingping, Guangxi Province. Central market. The market takes place on the days that have a number 3 in their date.
CHINA. Guangxi Province. Zhongliu village. Men of the village during the construction of a traditional wooden house.
CHINA. Guilin, Guangxi Province. A market place.
CHINA. Guilin, Guangxi Province. A barbershop.
CHINA. Shanghai. Mannequins in a shop.
CHINA. Shanghai. In front of the Lujiazui Financial District. A couple prepares for a wedding shoot while tourists take pictures of the skyline.
CHINA. Beijing. A construction site inside a Hutong. Hutongs are the traditional Beijing blocks characterized by little single floor houses. Many of them have been crushed to make place to new residential blocks. The ones survived were restructured or rebuilt following the ancient shapes.
CHINA. Hong Kong. A worker prepares a bamboo scaffold.
CHINA. Shanghai. A mechanic has lunch with family inside his garage.
CHINA. Chengdu, Sichuan Province. A food kiosk.
CHINA. Shanghai. A shop.
CHINA. Shanghai. A dancing group rehearsal in the Expo Park.
CHINA. Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Jinli historical district.
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