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The Trawlermen by Damian Bird Essay 1 Power to the People by Stephen Shames Essay 2 No Direction Home by Andrej Krementschouk Essay 3 The Last Cowboy by Adam Jahiel Essay 4 Brooklyn Buzz by Gaia Light and Alessandro Cosmelli Essay 5 Iconication by Anatol Kotte Essay 6 Potraying a Nation. Germany: 1919-1933 by August Sander Essay 7 People in Cars by Mike Mandel Essay 8 Libya: A Human Marketplace by Narciso Contreras Essay 9 I am Cuban by Helena de Braganca Essay 10 Cowboys by Dieter Blum Essay 11 The Lonely Man by Nicky Hamilton Essay 12 Dolce Via by Charles H Traub Essay 13 Silver Heroes by Karsten Thormaehlen Essay 14 Maxikraft by Jorg Glascher Essay 15 Afghan Refugees in Europe by Iva Zimova Essay 16 New Life: Russian, Jews, Germans by Michael Kerstgens Essay 17 Trail of Tears, Greece by Steve Evans Essay 18
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The Trawlermen
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Photo: Damian Bird