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The Resurgence of South Crofty by Damian Bird Essay 1 This is Tottenham by Inzajeano Latif Essay 2 Exodus: Rohingya in Bangladesh by Erberto Zani Essay 3 The East End in Colour by David Granick Essay 4 The Veda Patasala by Chris Dade Essay 5 Farming the Highground. Dartmoor by Damian Bird Essay 6 American Firefighter by Paul Mobley Essay 7 Dust to Dawn: Burning Man by Philip Volkers Essay 8 The See of the City by Inzajeano Latif Essay 9 American Romance by Chris Craymer Essay 10 Shimmering Zen by James Stanford Essay 11 Jorasanko Vasontatsav by Rajib Singha Essay 12
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Photo: Damian Bird
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Farming the Highground, Dartmoor, England