Making of a Devi . Making of a Devi by Apratim Saha Worship of Hindu gods and goddesses is an important element of everyday Hindu life. Clay models of these Idols are therefore in much demand in all the places where the Hindu faith is practiced. Making of a Devi is the story of those potters who have devoted their lives to making the Hindu god and goddesses. Making of a Devi He is sitting on a Catham. Catham is the traditional name of the basic structure of a Devi where the total Devi will rest.  He has never gone to school, nor does he have any basic knowledge of computers. He has a beautiful artistic brain by which he can imagine his finished Devi in his mind. He has to calculate the total length, breath and the weight of the Devi to prepare a Catham. Creating the eye of a Devi is the most critical and challenging thing. In Hindu mythology it has a name called  “Chokh Dan” (Eye Creation). Normally in the night of Mahalaya, before seven days of Puja all potters used to complete this “Chokh Dan” procedure. Anima Roy got inspiration from her husband seven years ago when he took her to Kumartuli. She is the only woman potter in this community. Now she and her husband work together to support their growing family. Narayan Pal is one of the potters at Kumartuli, Siliguri, West Bengal. Living statue of a sculptor. Painting the face. Preparing the Catham. Shape. Shape. Young potter.
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