Photo-essays The magazine of the art-form of the photo-essay. The New Gypsies Circus! A Vision of America A selection of the work of the legendry..... If you’re not on Twitter or Facebook but would like to be notified of each new issue, please fill out the form at the bottom of the ‘Letters to the Editor’ page Iranian Tank Girls Contributor: Jenny Matthews Photojournalist Contributor: Max Aguilera-Hellweg Photographer Contributor: John Free Photographer Contributor: Andy Gotts Photographer Portraits Contributor: Apratim Saha Photographer Making of a Devi
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Contributor: Iain McKell Photographer Damian Bird Photojournalist and Photographer
All of our advertising is certified by Google and therefore may be viewed safely. Mistake of Nature Contributor: Jason Larkin Photographer Market Town Contributor: Jim Mortram Photographer Read Iain’s biog here Read Damian’s biog here Read Jenny’s biog here Read Andy’s biog here Read Apratim’s biog here Read Jason’s biog here Read Jim’s biog here Read Max’s biog here Read John’s biog here Damian Bird Read David’s biog here Portraits Contributor: David Eustace Photographer